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                Product information

                Product information
                Product information

                It`s time to face the future

                Ohkura Electric stars it's new challenge. Our strategy, which includes our new sprit of challenge,is to design and manufacture products with innovative technology that meet the special demands of our customers.In order to achieve this. we will continue our challenge to be innovative, using our high technological skill and maintaining our reliability and high quality that fulfills even the strictest standards.Today,technological innovations have accelerated tremendously and society itself has become more complex. Our company`s hope is to contribute to the future of an industrial society.

                Industrial Instruments Group

                Using our measurement and operation& control technologies, we provide a wide variety of products such as water examination, water level and pressure sensors. We also offer various monitoring instruments like high precision controllers, chart recorders and indicators. Our products are used in the automation of nuclear power plant systems as well as other industrial fields.

                Telemetering&Control Group

                The vast and wide ranging networks such as electric power, gas lines, water and sewer systems, and railroad networks, are all indispensable elements of the social infrastructure, Telemetering & Control Group provides solutions by constructing systems such as the remote monitoring and control applications, the automatic control, and the information processing equipment.

                Semiconductor Equipment Group

                The semiconductor equipment has been developed by our company based on Ohkura Electric's key technologies. We provide various types of semiconductor equipment ranging from a FTP which is suitable for QTAT and thin film technique to equipment for renewal service.